In accordance with the Official UA Web Policy, all web entities covered by that policy must adhere to the Developer Guidelines contained within this site. These Guidelines are a living document, and as such are subject to change.


While every effort is made to ensure the Official Theme and its incarnations are secure, any code your add yourself should also follow a high standard of security.


As a higher educational institution Accessibility is a top priority. All interactive and web presences should adhere to the officially accepted standard of WCAG 2.0 AA. More information can be found at the official Accessibility Initiative's site.

Official CMS

The officially supported CMS is WordPress. In instances where a web presence is created that does not fall under a vendor product, static site, or an application build it should use WordPress as its CMS.

Official Framework

The currently supported Framework for the University of Alabama is entitled “Wilson”. Presently it has been utilized to create the UA WordPress Theme which is entitled “Harper” (v2.x), as such the (1.x) Legacy Theme is only supported in specific grandfathered instances as outlined in the Web Policy.


Data collected and processed should follow the highest standards of security, be in line with current UA policies (specifically the Privacy, GDPR, and COPPA Statements), and follow all applicable federal and state laws and regulations. These guidelines more specifically address these matters in the Privacy, Data Collection & Tracking section.

Web Developers Network

Any campus faculty or staff member that touches code or web oriented design in their job and wishes to contribute to the Official Framework, Plugins, Theme, or adjacent technological implementations or Guidelines may do so by joining the Web Developers Network.

Contributing To These Guidelines

The best way to contribute to the Developer Guidelines and/or Resources site, is by joining the Web Developers Network. However, if you do not qualify for membership you may attend one of the regularly scheduled Developer Guidelines Forums.